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World-Class Security Infrastructure

IBM provides state-of-the-art security to ensure that your customer data is never compromised. At, we know that security is crucial to you - that's why security is our top priority. We have partnered with IBM to bring you the most secure data storage and maintenance available today. The result: We deliver unsurpassed security and privacy of our customers' information.

When you sign up with, you'll enjoy the protection and peace of mind that only IBM's world-class security infrastructure can provide.

Security Measures

Security measures include the following:
  • Expert team of experienced, professional engineers and security specialists dedicated to round-the-clock protection of data and systems
  • Continuous deployment of proven, up-to-date firewall protection, SSL encryption, and other security technologies
  • Ongoing evaluation of emerging security developments and threats
  • Complete redundancy throughout the entire Online Infrastructure architecture
Security Details Description
 Physical Security Our production equipment is collocated at an IBM Data Center that provides 24-hour physical security, palm print and picture identification, two feet of solid concrete surrounding the building, redundant electrical generators, redundant data center air conditioners, emergency diesel generators and other backup equipment designed to keep servers continually up and running.
 Perimeter Defense The network perimeter is protected by multiple firewalls and monitored by intrusion detection systems. In addition, monitors and analyzes firewall logs to proactively identify security threats.
 Data Encryption IBM leverages the strongest encryption products to protect customer data and communications, including 128-bit Verisign SSL Certification and 1024 bit RSA public keys.
 User Authentication Users access only with a valid username and password combination, which is encrypted via SSL while in transmission. An encrypted session ID cookie is used to uniquely identify each user. For added security, the session key is automatically scrambled and re-established in the background at regular intervals.
 Application Security Our robust application security model prevents one customer from accessing another's data. This security model is reapplied with every request and enforced for the entire duration of a user session.
 Internal Systems Security Inside of the perimeter firewalls, systems are safeguarded by network address translation, port redirection, IP masquerading, non-routable IP addressing schemes, and more. Exact details of these features are proprietary.
 Operating System Security enforces tight operating system-level security by using a minimal number of access points to all production servers. We protect all operating system accounts with strong passwords, and production servers do not share a master password database.
  Database Security Whenever possible, database access is controlled at the operating system and database connection levels for additional security. Access to production databases is limited to a number of points, and production databases do not share a master password database.
 Server Mgmt Security All data entered into the application by a customer is owned by that customer. employees do not have direct access to the production equipment, except where necessary for system management, maintenance, monitoring and backups.
 Reliability and Backup All networking components, SSL accelerators, load balancers, Web servers, and application servers are configured in a redundant configuration. All customer data is stored on a primary database server that is clustered with a backup database server for redundancy. All customer data is stored on disk storage that is mirrored across different storage cabinets and controllers. All customer data, up to the last committed transaction, is automatically backed up to a primary tape library on a nightly basis. Backup tapes are immediately cloned to a second tape library to verify their integrity, and the clones are moved to secure, fire-resistant off-site storage on a regular basis. Disaster recovery plans are in place.


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